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Here is a selection of work for my application to the Graphic Design course at Manchester Metropolitan University.

One of our projects was titled “Idioms”, where everyone was given three idioms they had to represent visually. I was given “taste of your own medicine”, “hit the nail on the head” and “bark up the wrong tree”. I found this project a challenge at first because I was trying to find alternative ways of presenting the idioms as opposed to the literal meaning. These were the ideas I came up with for my three idioms. The main process I used was collage, but also incorporated some watercolour and lettering.
For the final design for my idioms project, I decided to develop the idiom “taste of your own medicine”. The idea for the text in this piece came from a quote I found on an Essie nail polish ad, promoting their new nail colour “wicked”, “every now and then I indulge in something wicked.” To develop the idea, I decided to watercolour and collage some of the lips myself instead of just using cut outs from magazines for the collage. 
This sheet is from a one-day workshop where we had to draw tools from our art kit but in the style of a continuous line. This included pens, pencils, scissors, paintbrushes etc. Throughout the day, we experimented with using different materials to draw the art kit. As our final piece for the day, we created an A2 sheet, using collage of any scraps we could find such as receipts, raffle tickets, envelopes and paper bags. I also used quink ink and bleach to distort colours and the textures.
Another sheet from a one-day workshop, “Drawing from the Moving Image”. This consisted of playing clips and drawing from them without them being paused, similar to observational drawing or life drawing. This allowed me to move out of my comfort zone of being meticulous and careful with my artwork. I used charcoal, oil pastels, chalk, ink and pen for these drawings. 
To start each project, we are encouraged to create a text sheet of a keyword in our project; for this project I looked at the industrial arches around the canals in Digbeth, Birmingham. For this particular sheet, I used a two-colour palette of green and purple, contrasting colours that work really well together. I used a range of materials for the lettering, e.g. ink, chalk, felt tip pen, highlighters and collaged letters. For the background of this sheet I used ink to create interesting marks, as well as grey card, green post-it notes and tickets.
Another A3 text sheet from a different project called “Big Issue.” This project was all about issues in the world, whether they be big or small. The aim for this project was to create an A2 poster protesting your big issue. I chose vandalism. While I can appreciate the art form of street art and graffiti, there is a certain point at which it becomes vandalism and starts to form negative connotations of a place. I used paints, collage, ink, felt tips and highlighters to create the vandalism lettering. To form the background, I collaged tissue paper, tracing paper and random scraps of paper.
A3 Vandalism text sheet in an alternative colour way.
Before starting my final “Big Issue” poster, I decided to experiment with different backgrounds to see which worked best with my theme of Vandalism. The main colour way for this project was blue and orange. I tried to replicate the shape of bricks using a sponge and found that it worked quite well with my theme. This ended up being the background for my main poster. 
For primary research, I decided to walk around Manchester and find vandalism on the old industrial buildings that I could use as inspiration for the composition of my poster. I also wanted to find a phrase that would demonstrate what my poster was about. I decided to use “enjoy don’t destroy” as the phrase because it was short and snappy and got my point across quickly.
On my foundation, I am in the Graphic Design and Illustration area. My tutors emphasise how important it is to have contextual references throughout our work. Periodically we are asked to create A3 design sheets of artists that inspire us. This is a Graphic designer, Martin Venezky whose work I am particularly inspired by. As somebody who loves collage, I really like how he creates collages digitally, playing around with the composition and typeface in each of his posters.
I have always loved Lauren Child as an illustrator, I used to collect all of her books and have always been intrigued as to how she creates her drawings. She also uses collage in her drawings, which have become animated in the series “Charlie and Lola.” It is evident that she combines wallpaper patterns with different textures to create clothes, backgrounds, food, household items etc. I also love how playful she is with colour in all of her images. To create this design sheet, I wanted to enhance some of her work in the way I displayed my research, I achieved this through the bubbles of text. 
The project I am currently working on is something I chose myself as part of our “Subject Matters” brief and I decided to do “Victoriana”. I am heavily influenced by film and period dramas and decided that this was definitely something I wanted to focus on as a project. As some initial ideas, I used the art of collage to have a play around with composition and different themes I could choose within “Victoriana”. A huge part of this era was holidaying at the seaside. I wanted to incorporate this somehow as part of my initial research. 
I know that corsets were a huge thing in the Victorian era and wanted these to feature throughout my work. I really love image making using the sewing machine and thought this would be perfect for the corsets. At the moment, the stitching is done on models out of Bazaar magazine however as I progress with this project, I want to compose my own shoot and then work into the images I take myself.  
My idea for these stitched corsets is to scan them in and rework them using different colours or to collage them digitally onto alternative backgrounds to create new images. For the image on the right, I decided to include some lettering of connotations of the Victorian era. I thought this transformed the background from something boring and grey to full and interesting.
Again, experimenting with collage (on the left). I found this low contrast image on Saoirse Ronan in Bazaar magazine and thought that the style of the image was perfect for a collage. I used the bright red flowers to link the bright red lips. I decided to stitch a corset in red, again to present the intense contrast between the almost monochrome background and Saoirse. On the right, I think the white stitch works really well on the red background because it also contrasts with the bright background, allowing it to really stand out.
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